The Trusted Brands 2018 Finland Survey

Trusted Brands Finland is now in its 18th year, it was first published in 2001. The primary focus of the study is to find out which brands Finnish people trust the most.

Given the large number of brand categories to be assessed (total 45); two matched parallel samples were drawn, with each set of respondents being asked to consider just half of the categories. Only the brand categories were split between the 2 respondent bases. All other questions were common to both sample bases.

All brand questions are “open ended” giving the opportunity for any brand, however small or local, an equal chance of being nominated.

The survey fieldwork has been conducted on-line starting from 2011, before that the questionnaire was distributed by post.

In total 2,082 responses were analysed. Sample selection and results were weighted with the aim of reflecting the broad population profile aged 20+ years. Data processing and tabulation was conducted by Wyman Dillon Ltd. who are based in the U.K. The questionnaire was designed and created centrally by Framework Ltd but translated locally.

After nominating their most “trusted brand” in each category, respondents rated that brand in terms of “Quality”, “Excellent Value”, “Strong Image”, “Understands customer needs” and “Socially responsible”. They also indicated if they were a customer/buyer of the brand they’d nominated and if they would recommend the brand to others.

The Most Trusted Brands in Finland 2018 are:

Analgesic / pain relief Burana
Bank / building society Osuuspankki
Breakfast cereal Kellogg´s
Car Toyota
Car rental office Hertz
Coffee Juhla Mokka
Cold remedy Finrexin
Color cosmetic / make up Lumene
Convenience food Saarioinen
Cruise line Tallink Silja
Custom home plan Jukkatalo
Dairy producer Valio
Decoration paint Tikkurila
Deodorant Rexona
Domestic ski resort Ruka
Electric company Fortum
Fast food restaurant chain Hesburger
Functional food brand Benecol
Furniture store Asko
Hardware shop K-rauta
Home appliance chain Gigantti
Hotel chain Sokos Hotels
Insurance company Lähitapiola
Internet service provider Telia
Mobile phone network Telia
Natural product brand A. Vogel
Optician Silmäasema
Petrol retailer ABC
Private clinic Terveystalo
Real estate company OPKK
Retail chain S-ryhmä
Shampoo XZ
Shoe store Kookenkä
Skin care product Nivea
Smart phone handset Samsung
Soap powder Omo
Spa Naantalin Kylpylä
Sports shop Intersport
Sweets Fazer
Toothpaste Pepsodent
Tour operator Aurinkomatkat
Tyres Nokian renkaat
Vitamins Multivita
White goods Bosch

For further information, please contact:

Research Manager Tiina Suomela
Email: tiina.suomela@valitutpalat.fi
Tel: +358 9 503 4655



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